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You make a world
of difference

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I am a global leadership strategist and practitioner with more than 25 years of experience in leadership development across multiple sectors and 52 countries.

I help leaders access their innate resilience, insight, and wisdom and become masters at leading from within.

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Being on the front lines takes courage, resilience, and optimism.

You're also human. You may be burned out, struggling with your own limitations, and questioning whether you can really have the impact you want within the challenges of your context.

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You value authenticity and strive to create lasting impact.

You want to be the kind of leader who walks your talk, lives in service to others, and navigates challenge and complexity with clarity and insight.


Leaders face a decision: 
give in to despair,
or find creative ways to bring
hopeful solutions to our world.

I help leaders grow their resilience so they can move through challenges with wisdom and a renewed commitment to love and service.

Here's what I offer

I help leaders build a foundation of personal wellbeing, move effectively through leadership transitions, navigate complexity, and access insight and wisdom as they move toward greater wholeness and impact.

I do so working at the intersection of my three life passions -- leadership, integrative healing, and wisdom traditions. I draw upon three decades of experience in international development, community development and civic leadership, organizational leadership development and executive coaching within Fortune 100 companies as well as large NGO's and Foundations.


I bring my intellect, training, skills, and full care and attention to my work with my clients.

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